Engine Parts
bullet Camshaft Assembly
bullet Carburator Assembly
bullet Carburator Kits
bullet Crank Shaft Gear
bullet Cylinder Liver & Sleeve
bullet Engine Bearing
bullet Engine Valve
bullet Fan Clutch
bullet Fly Wheel
bullet Fuel Pump
bullet Gasket Kit
bullet Glow Plug
bullet Oil Pump
bullet Oil Seal
bullet Piston Assembly
bullet Piston Ring
bullet Timing Belt
bullet Timing Chain
bullet Timing Kit
bullet Timing Tensioners Guide
bullet Water Pump Assembly
bullet Accessories
bullet Horn
bullet Radiator Cap
bullet Radiator Coolant
bullet Wiper Blade

Accessories - Horn

ELEPHANT are OEM quality products in the worldwide market, offering a combination of quality, coverage & competitive pricing. %100 made in Japan and also supplies OEM for TOYOTA

Universal for any car

Gen Trading founded in 1973 manufactures and exports “GEN” brand auto electrical parts. Gen operates manufacturing in Japan, China and Taiwan. Its high quality and cost effective electric parts make it a leading name in the electric industry.

For all JAPANESE cars

“HANSA” is a brand name of products manufactured and marketed by Solid Corporation Sdn Bhd. The company is one of the market leaders in the automotive electrical segment in Malaysia. Hansa is associated with excellence and quality products. It has established a strong foundation and a good reputation around the world.

For all JAPANESE and KOREAN cars


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